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We create success stories.

At BI4ALL, we appreciate those who work hard daily, those who create, those who inspire and those who aspire to lead. We are synonymous with excellence and commitment, and that is why we have built a successful history over the years.

  • Andro Moreira Partner
  • José Oliveira CEO
  • Hugo Pinto Partner
In 2004, the founding partners, José Oliveira, CEO, and Partners Andro Moreira and Hugo Pinto, created BI4ALL in a world where data was starting to appear everywhere and making a difference to organisations.

The team was small, but highly specialised, dedicated and capable. In fact, today, with more than 400 employees, the goal remains the same: to be a benchmark in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

This is why we continue to work daily with the aim of improving our Clients' results. For more than 18 years, our mission has been to offer value beyond expectations through innovative technology and service excellence that empowers and inspires customers to turn data into relevant insights. And so our history began.

We are a reference in

Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence



Distinguished as the "Most Insightful Data Consultancy Firm 2023 - Portugal" and one of the "10 Most Successful Consultant Companies to Watch in 2022", at BI4ALL, we work closely with our Clients to transform data into insights that improve results, bring flexibility and create greater efficiency for the entire Organisation.
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Years of Experience in Data Analytics




Technological Partners


National and international projects


National and international awards



We are proud of our 18 years of experience and have won more than 30 national and international awards, but above all, we have, every day, the recognition of the Organisations we work with a history of successful projects over the years.

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  • Awards
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With our history and experience, we are pursuing an even greater purpose: we want to be a global benchmark.

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We are driven by our Mission

In a constantly changing world, we work to transform

data insights


The BI4ALL team is our most valuable asset and our window to the world. We work with the best talent and continually develop our team. Our work reflects our passion and commitment. We have around 400 employees who are fully focused on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and part of a rapidly growing structure.

Guided by our values

  • Innovation


  • Excellence


  • Commitment and dedication

    Commitment and dedication

  • Teamwork


  • Assertiveness


  • Reliability and rigour

    Reliability and rigour

  • Specialised thinking

    Specialised thinking

Our values are the cornerstone of our success and guide us every day towards sustained delivery and excellence


We help organisations to be more agile, flexible and vigorous, to anticipate the unpredictable and adapt quickly to market changes, thus being better prepared for the future.

  • Pharma and Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Others

Through our Centres of Excellence, we generate value and empower organisations with methodologies, best practices and technological tools in an effective strategic alignment.

Get to know our Centres of Excellence
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José Oliveira

Chairman e CEO, BI4ALL

"Today companies have increasingly more data, but this does not mean either information or knowledge. This is where BI4ALL makes a difference by helping Organisations turn their data into relevant insights for decision-making. Analytics and Artificial Intelligence emerge as an excellent solution to increase the performance and competitiveness of Companies”